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Promote Technology Career Awareness with Women

In today’s organizations, technology plays a vital part in company success that transcends coding and engineering.  While they are important parts, there are many other functional areas and disciplines that rely on technology to perform such as Sales, Marketing, Organizational Development, and Operations.  techaWare promotes career awareness by educating and informing high school and college students on these options and how women+technology is becoming a changing and vital role in the organization and career of the future.


Expand the Applicable Technology Candidate Market
for Employers

It’s no secret that there is a supply/demand gap in today’s technology-minded marketplace.  High Schools and Colleges are starting to help, but are not completely there yet. techaWare helps promote technology and technology-minded careers at the high school, college and beyond levels and helps to provide critical skills and practical knowledge to attract employers.


Help Bridge Gender Gaps in Today’s Technical Workplace

techaWare understands gender conflict in the technical workplace and the various problems and cultural chaos it creates. We work to help employers become aware of it and how to eradicate it in meaningful and tangible ways.


Did you know...


Women make up only 35% of the average company’s workforce at the professional level and above? Globally, women make up 33% of managers, 26% of senior managers, and only 20% of executives.


Women will still represent only 40% of the workforce at the professional level and above by 2025. Organizations need to focus on systemic, supporting practices to build the female talent pipeline that will sustain gender equality in the long term.


85% of women in technology say they love their work. Women aged 25-35 cite ‘dissatisfaction at their tech career prospects’ with lack of role models as one of the reasons why.

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